Meet Zenin

Meet Zenin
A 2nd Generation Vancouver Realtor

Raised by Iris and Marty McEachern, both agents specializing in Vancouver's Westside for over 30 years, Zenin was raised around real estate. Open houses, renovations, understanding neighbourhoods and values and strategic investment is what he spent his childhood learning. Licensed since 2015, Zenin brings that deep knowledge base into play for his clients, offering decades of value and insight into every viewing, listing and transaction. His life and business is focused specifically within Vancouver. There's no replacement for experience.

The Habit of Excellence

Raised in Mackenzie Heights, Zenin is the product of Ukrainian immigrants and the belief of excellence through effort. Zenin excelled in multiple sports, completed Ironman Whistler and earned a Bachelor's of Business in Real Estate and a Diploma of Urban Land Economics from UBC's Sauder School of Business. His sister is a Nurse with a Masters of Public Health and his brother is a Cardiac Anaesthetist. Zenin isn't saving lives like his siblings, but he is helping growing families build their futures, and older couples downsize for their retirement.

Trust and Confidentiality

Any Real Estate transaction requires a level of personal disclosure between yourself and your agent, and everyone deserves an agent they can trust. Zenin prides himself on complete and total confidentiality and privacy with his clients, and a flawless track record of trustworthiness. Your privacy is as important to Zenin as it is to you. Choose an agent you can trust, and who will be upfront and honest with you.